Last month we shared with you an article on how to update that old brick around your fireplace by using the whitewashing paint technique. While that will definitely help you modernize the look of your fireplace you may find the space around your fireplace is still lacking a certain flare. That’s why this month we wanted to share ideas on how to spice up this area of your home and make it stand out.

6 creative decorating ideas for your fireplace:

  • Think about the horizontal space and the vertical space. Most fireplaces have a long, horizontal mantel and hearth where you can add your favourite pictures, statues, or pieces of art, but don’t forget about the vertical space above the mantel. In most cases there is ample space from the top of the mantel to the ceiling in which to add design pieces that will make the space pop.
  • Think Big! Sometimes those small trinkets can get lost when looking at your fireplace as a whole. Most of the time, the fireplace takes up a big portion of the wall or room, so compliment that space with bigger pieces, such as vases, framed art, or mirrors. You could even add texture with woven baskets or vases with dried grasses.
  • Add Attractive Art. Once again touching on the vertical space above the mantel, this is the perfect place to add a large piece of framed art. Think of the height as well as the width and go for something bold. This will modernize your fireplace instantly, plus bring positive attention to the space.
  • Update Your Fire Screen. This is an often over-looked element of your fireplace, but it really shouldn’t be. When it comes to your fire screen you don’t have to leave it as a boring, metal barrier to heat and sparks. There are many companies and local artists who work with metal who could create a personalized piece of art to either sit in front of the screen while it’s not in use, or as an artistic screen itself.
  • Reflect The Space. Instead of using art in the vertical space above the mantel you could also use a custom-cut mirror. This will help reflect the other artistic items in the room and will make the whole space feel bigger. Some designers suggest using a chunky-framed mirror so that it doesn’t get lost in the space, but this will really depend on the look of your fireplace.
  • Don’t Forget The Lights! While the focus should be on the soft glow coming from the fireplace, you shouldn’t forget about the lighting above the fireplace. Afterall, this is what will make all of your design pieces around the fireplace stand out. If your house was built in the 90’s or before you may have some unattractive track lighting currently casting the spotlight on your fireplace. Replace this with 3-4 pot lights to keep the ceiling clean, to draw light to the right places, and to bring your lighting up to date.

For centuries we have been spending quality time around the fire with family and friends. That is why the fireplace is, and should be, such a central part of your living space. While it’s easy to neglect, we really shouldn’t. Take the time to refresh and recreate this space so that it doesn’t just blend into the room – it creates it!